June 30, 2015 by Dominick Morrison

Top 10 Do-It-Yourself Roofing Tips


Contacting an expert roofer is not always necessary when you detect a leak in your roofing. There are many situations where you should be able to deal with problem on your own, as long as you take care to follow all safety guidelines and rules. The next time you notice water leaking from your roof, use these top 10 do-it-yourself roofing tips.

10 – Safety Comes First

It should go without saying, safety always comes first. Always be patient and take your time when working on top of your roof. Ensure you work with a partner, so there is always someone available to hold the ladder and watch your back.

9 – Wear Shoes with Rubber Soles

House-Maintenance-ChecklistIf you are going to be getting up on your roof, always wear shoes with rubber soles. This will help prevent slipping and increase your safety. Being on top of a roof can be uncomfortable and put in you in awkward positions. Stay safe by wearing shoes with rubber soles and working with a partner.

8 – Spraying the Roof

If you need help detecting where a leak is coming from, take your garden hose and climb up to the roof. Have a partner turn on the water and then you can spray around the suspected area, until you uncover the source of the leak. This should only be performed outside of winter, as freezing winter weather will make the roof slippery and the water from your garden hose could ice over.

7 – Clean Your Gutters

Gutters that are clogged with debris are one of the leading causes of roof leaks. Water will tend to build up around the clogged areas and leak down the sides of your house or even into the ceiling. Keeping your gutters cleaned out all-year round will help prevent roof leaks and further damage to your roofing or even the structure of your property.

6 – Use Proper Venting

wpid-home-improvement-ideas-and-tipsIf you detect dry rot along your roofing, you may need better venting. A lack of ventilation can easily lead to dry rot, where the roof will sag and shingles may crack. When working on your roof, if you notice dry rot, then start considering the installation of ridge vent.

5 – Stop Ice from Building Up

Keeping your gutters clean will help prevent ice from building up in the winter time. Other solutions to prevent ice build up include installing a drip edge or ensuring your roof has proper ventilation. When ice builds up along the edges of your roof, it can leak into the interior of your property.

4 – Take Your Time

When searching for leaks in your roof, you should be aware that you may not easily find the source of the leak. Be patient and work your way through your entire roof, searching for the leak. Work on one specific area at a time before moving on to another area. By taking your time, you can ensure you cover the whole roof and find the leak.

3 – Checking Roof Ridges

Roof-Repair-los-angelesThe ridge of a roof is where two sections of roofing come together. This is an area that is more susceptible to leaks. Ridges often receive the most amount of rainfall and debris. When searching for a leak, start in the these areas.

2 – Always Inspect Your Materials

Before installing any new shingles, fully inspect your materials. If the shingles you are using to replace older shingles are damaged, then the repairs will not be effective. Search for any signs of pre-existing damage before installing new shingles. Also makes sure that you correctly nail the shingles down to prevent cracking.

1 – Check Roof Boots

Roof boot is the name given to rubber boots that are often installed along skylights, piping, or any section where an object protrudes through the roof. These areas can easily collect rainwater. Inspect these areas as you go along your roof searching for the cause of a leak.

These are some simple tips to remember if you plan on working on your roof on your own. If you have any hesitation about performing these tasks yourself, then seek the help of an expert roofing contractor. Otherwise, remember that safety comes first and then follow the rest of the tasks. For further questions, please send us a message.